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Dec 8, 2011 09:50 AM

Baltimore - Need opinion

Visiting Baltimore in January for my birthday. We are staying at The Four Seasons Hotel. We have a reservation Friday night at Woodberry Kitchen and Wit and Wisdom on Saturday night. Has anyone been to Wit and Wisdom? We been to Woodberry and love it.

Need suggestion for Saturday lunch and Sunday brunch. Thinking the Wine Market for brunch on Sunday before leaving town.

Also on my list... Black Olive, Charleston, Kalis Court, Waterfront Kitchen, Blue Hill Tavern, Cinghiale(been for drinks), Meli....

We been to Pazo, Wine Market, Water Table.....

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  1. Picking from your list I'd do Charleston (they don't serve lunch) on Friday night and lunch at Woodberry on Saturday. I've been unimpressed by the dinner effort recently at Woodberry but absolutely love their Saturday lunch. If you aren't interested in that I also really like lunch at Thames Street Oyster House.

    You should also consider Demi and B&O. Demi is my current favorite in town for a great dinner, although it's a bit of a hike.

    1. I'm partial to Cinghiale and the B&O Brasserie, both were very good. I'd say we enjoyed the atmosphere and the food at Cinghiale a bit more overall.

      1. Other suggestions for Sat/Sun lunch/brunch: Clementine (Harford Road), "b" Bistro in Bolton Hill, City Cafe.