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Dec 8, 2011 09:45 AM

any good restaurants in North Park of San Diego?

I'm in Del Mar for a few days, but would like to go to North Park where I lived as a kid. I know it's no longer a great area, but understand there are good restaurants there. Please help. Thanks

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  1. On the contrary - it's a booming area. I'd urge you to do a search on the board. You'll turn up many results for North Park dining.

    1. My how North Park has changed. I've been living there for 14 years and while I never considered it a "bad area" these days it is the only area I'd live in. OK, fine, Coronado has some nice beach front homes...

      I'd suggest park on 30th and University and walk around and take your pick.

      Cafe Calabria is producing some of the best traditional neopolitan pizzas in town. Wed-Sun starting at 5 PM.

      URBN also makes a very good pizza.

      Urban Solace serves some great comfort food (reservations will be required)

      The Linkery serves excellent farm to table food with a nice beer list.

      El Take It Easy is another farm to tabe restaurant with a menu that straddles the border and a serious cocktail program.

      El Comal makes some of the better Mexican food in town.

      Further afield toward Upas (is that Upas?) is The Smoking Goat - bistro food.

      Searocket - local seafood

      Lefty's Pizza - deep dish Chicago style.

      And then heading North to El Cajon BLvd. Tiger!Tiger! - beer and sandwiches

      There are plenty of others as well - just this week saw the opening of Wang's (Chinese) and Sipz (vegetarian food) with more opening shortly.

      1. You have an excellent post from zmir, also check out the 30th street website:

        It gives you all the links north to south of the restaurants and bars along with the once in a while blog postings.

        1. I lived in North Park myself until age 10.

          I think El Take It Easy would be a fun stop. It's on 30 th St. in the heart of North Park. You'll find an eclectic array of menu items from really nice burgers and from-scratch tacos to fried pig's ears and french fries cooked in duck fat. Very nice list of specialty cocktails and local craft beers and wines. (though I can't recommend the local wines.)

          Things really start hopping there well after dark.

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            Should I schedule a visit with my cardiologist after eating here, or just take a handful of Lipitor?

          2. Well, things change in San Diego. For about awhile, North Park wasn't the nicest area of San Diego (still far from the worst area), but in the past 5-10 years, North Park has really blossomed. You'd be pretty thrilled to see the area around 30th and University - its totally different. And the 30th Street Corridor is one of the centers of San Diego's up and coming food/beer scene. If you're in town on Saturday, check out Ray at Night and take a walk around your old neighborhood.