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Dec 8, 2011 09:23 AM

SARASOTA FL. Jimmys Sand Trap

Anyone heard of or tried this place? I understand it is quite a deli. I'm interested in knowing if the corned beef and pastrami sandwiches are anywhere near as good as New York or Montreal.

Pastrami's is gone and to me was only passable and TooJay's ain't great either...was hoping Jimmy's Sand Trap was the answer to a decent deli in Sarasota.

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  1. Had lunch there today........
    Corned beef was just ok..... Sliced a little too thick for me.
    Thought the sandwich was a little thin.......
    The potato pancakes (lakties) were good but very very greasy. I think they are pre-made and come in frozen, and then its grilled or deep fried, and when served its dripping......
    Menu looked good. I love good deli, which is really not available here in SRQ, so when I read the article on Jimmy's -- I got excited.... I guess TooJays is our best bet, because it very consistent and great soup.
    Longboat's Nosh-A-Rye is also just OK. Not worth the visit...

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    1. re: irwin

      Thanks, Irwin. I am so disappointed...was hoping for a new and decent deli...guess I will have to stick to TooJays.

    2. It was awful. Phony marketing in newspaper. Awful meat called pastrami on wonder rye bread.

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      1. re: il davis

        The best corned beef & pastrami sandwich to be had in Sarasota is, by my estimation, Southside Deli on Hillview. It's the real thing! Oh, and ask for the spicy mustard! I'm drooling already!

        1. re: sailorsmom

          If Southside Deli uses Boarshead Corned Beef and Pastrami they won't be getting my me that is not "the real thing" UGH

          1. re: bobinken

            I really think Southside Deli used Boars Head Products. AS you say, it not the real stuff........As I mentioned a dozen times before, real corned beef or pastrami is not available in Sarasota.