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Dec 8, 2011 09:03 AM

Does anyone know of a place that can service all brands of espresso machines?

I have a great espresso machine (G3Ferrari brand) that needs minor repair. This brand was distributed in Canada when I bought it a few years ago. I haven't been able to find a place that services all brands (vs just their own. i.e. gaggia, faema etc). Does anyone know of a place that services all brands, if not the G3Ferrari brand specifically?

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  1. Try the Green Beanery repair department. They may be able to fix it. Many espresso machines from Italy have a lot of common parts.

    Or contact G3Ferrari after sales service and ask who can service it:

    1. Try Anthony's Espresso Equipment

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        Thanks to foodyDudey and dachopstix for the quick reply to my post I'll follow up with both suggestions.

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            Try Zuccarini, do not take your machine to Faema. They provide bad service,over charge, and treat customers rudely. Never again will I take my machine there, I should have payed attention to the online blogs talking about how poorly they service their machines.

          2. Thanks to all who responded...I'm halfway through your suggestions and have an update:

            Zuccarini's and Faema - Both told me that they don't service G3Ferrari : (
            Anthony's Espresso - I've tried calling a few times (during work hours) with no answer! I'm surprised voicemail didn't kick in!