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Dec 8, 2011 09:00 AM

Yummy, mid-priced, downtown dinner?

About once ever few months, my boss comes in from out of town and he and I go to dinner. I'm very familiar with all the fine dining restaurants in DC, and often stay in VA if I'm looking for something mid-priced, and so I've found that I'm stuck when trying to come up with a place to eat tomorrow. We both enjoy really delicious food, but we're looking for something in a more casual environment. Our office is at 15th and K, and I'd like to find somewhere reasonably close. My definition of "mid-priced" is less than $20 per entree. Also, since I'm eating with my boss, I actually prefer a more corporate type of environment (but NOT corporate type of food!). Does anyone have any good recs?

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  1. I thought of a couple places, but when I looked at their menus, realized under $20 was not possible!

    You can get a couple styles of mussels at Brasserie Beck for under $20.

    It's a bit of a walk, but the pizzas (as well as a couple entrees) at Matchbox would work.

    Isn't it nice having a boss whose a foodie? (I do as well, but don't get to see her much!)

    1. Againn would be another good option.

      You could also be under $20 if you stick with pastas at Bibiana, and Haad Thai is actually pretty good if you feel like that.

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        Againn is a good option. Not really sure if there is too much in the entree category at Bibiana though that is in this price range.

      2. Thanks for the suggestions so far! I'm not totally stuck on the price point, so options that you would consider "mid-priced" are fine (and in case it wasn't clear, that was $20 an entree per person). But, what I'm looking for is a mid-priced restaurant with lots of options that are mid-priced, not a fine dining place where you could "budget order" if that makes any sense.

        1. Maybe Jaleo? There are lots of combinations of 2 plates that come in under $20. They recommend 3 plates each, but two each is enough in my view.

          1. If you are interested in good Chinese there is Sichuan Pavilion at 17th and K. I see lots of business-type meetings being conducted there.

            You could also head into the Dupont area and go to Darlington House.

            Lincoln is not that far from's shared small plates, which might keep you under budget (but some people feel weird about small plates in a business environment).