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Dec 8, 2011 08:38 AM

Wine Dinner?

Has anyone gone to a good "wine dinner" in or around Boston lately?

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  1. The Wine Wednesday at Sel de la Terre is a decent deal. The food won't blow you away, but it's a solid meal for a very reasonable price.

    1. Ten Tables in Jamaica Plain has $44 wine dinners on Tuesday nights (4 courses, 4 wine pairings). There is usually a geographic location in mind for inspiration of the food and wine. The last few Tuesdays were Argentina, East Coast, Burgundy & Beaujolais, Loire Valley, and Southern Italy. Check out their page on Facebook for weekly updates ( or Twitter @tentables. I've always been very satisfied and impressed by their food!

      Ten Tables
      597 Centre St, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

      1. wine and dinner; the best deals are at Troquet; nothing else compares. Of course, BYOB is always a great option but needs to be negotiated..

        1. Any stop at Troquet is better than a good wine dinner but it can get pricey. As someone else mentioned Sal de la Terre has a nice list with food to match. My favorite mix of affordability, good food and a well thought out list is Rendezvous. A Sunday late afternoon fixed priced meal, at the bar, drinking wine from their by the glass list is a little slice of heaven for my wife and I.

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            L'Espalier has a delightful Monday night wine dinner. Check their website for the offers. Also have a weeknight cheese dinner. Reasonable and fun. Taberno de Haro occasionally has a Spanish wine dinner and their list is impressive. Troquet has a fabulous wine list and grand food but, as noted above, is very pricey.

          2. I haven't tried one, but the TW Food (Cambridge) wine dinners sound interesting.