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Dec 8, 2011 08:13 AM

Best brazilian steakhouse for the money for a group of 10-12?

I am trying to plan a holiday luncheon and the consensus is brazilian steakhouse. Fogo is significantly more expense for lunch than the others (Sal Grosso, Fire of Brazil or Red/Green). Is Fogo worth the extra cheddar? Or are any of these or others a better option?

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  1. IMHO, Fogo is the best of the bunch. I have been to Fogo, Sal Grosso, and Fire of Brazil and was disappointed by the latter two. Salad bar was not as extensive nor was the quality of the meat as high as at Fogo. But, I am not sure the differences are worth the higher price Fogo charges. Also, Sal Grosso was better than Fire of Brazil IMHO. Go with Sal Grosso if price is the decision driver.


    1. I've enjoyed Sal Grosso when I've gone, probably 5-6 times. The price is definitely better than Fogo and it's usually much less crowded. If you're going with a group and you want to watch price I think Sal Grosso is your best bet.