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Dec 8, 2011 07:24 AM

One Cake Pan, 2 Cakes

I'd like to bake a small (6 in) cake with 2 layers therefore needing to bake it in 2 shifts as I don't have a second pan. Knowing that the BEST way is to get another pan (which isn't going to happen), will the 2nd cake still rise reasonably after waiting for the first to bake? It is a small cake so will certainly bake faster than a large cake so I should think that would make a difference. I guess I'm wondering how long is too long for the baking powder to sit in the wet ingredients? Thanks.

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  1. Is there room in the pan to bake the whole cake, and then slice it into two layers?

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      or another rectangular or oblong pan that you normally use for something savory?

      as soon as wet meets dry, the leavening agent begins to work its magic. you're best off not letting the mixed batter sit around more than a few minutes. the 2nd cake will be "fine", but not as great as the 1st.

    2. I don't know how well the second cake would rise since I've never let batter sit around for that long, but if I was just making the cake for myself, I would give it a try out of curiosity. If it has to look good, however, you could make 2 half recipes and bake them separately.

      Or you could mix up the dry, split it into two bowls, then mix up the wet and split that into two bowl. Combine one set of wet-and-dry first and then combine the other set once the first cake is out of the over. This method wouldn't work with every recipe, though, so I guess it depends what kind of cake you are making.

      1. Mags, you should be fine baking in "batches". I do it often.

        1. A friend did something similar with cupcakes and there was a huge difference in rise. If this is a cake that you are serving to company and want to impress with it then just bite the bullet and buy a foil cake pan for this use. If it's for you or doesn't need to impress then try it out and work as quickly as you can getting the second one in the oven.
          Let us know how it goes.

          1. Buy a second, matching, cake pan.