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Dec 8, 2011 06:52 AM

24 hours at Hong Kong's Causeway Bay

I'm looking for any good hole in the wall any type of Chinese cuisine(or Indonesian, since there are alot of Indonesians in the area). I'm a big fan of dry noodles(not in a soup). I really like seafood inciuding squid, octopus.

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  1. Would you consider giving IR1968 Indonesian restaurant in Causeway Bay a try? It was first mentioned by our veteran Chowhound & HK expert, Charles Yu, in his post here:

    I'd not tried this restaurant as I'd just come to HK from a 5-week stay in Indonesia. But the just-released 2012 Michelin Guide to HK & Macau mentioned that IR 1968 is the oldest Indonesian restaurant in HK, and its chef has been there for the past 30 years. Specialties include Nasi Goreng (Indonesian fried rice), Beef Rendang (slow-cooked dry beef curry), Ox-tongue Semur (an aromatic stew scented with cloves, soysauce) and its sate (beef & chicken skewers).

    Address details
    IR 1968
    28 Leighton Road
    Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
    Tel: +852-2577 9981

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      Thanks. Indonesian would be a refreshing change. Being from Vancouver, going to a Cantonese establishment falls into the "creature of habit" category.

    2. I would head to Jardine's Bazaar, right outside of the Causeway Bay MTR stop. Lots of restaurants, including a ton of noodles shops, and right next to the Indonesian consulate (or whatever its called).