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Dec 8, 2011 06:10 AM

The Table -- South Trail -- Sarasota

I think I can sum this up by only one word:
The same as it used to be on Hillview......
Glad to have them back. The only fault is that its noisy, but the food makes up for it.....

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  1. Was wondering if it was the same owners. Same menu? The noise problem was the same on Hillview, that was mainly why we didn't go back. I keep passing the sign, but of course unless you go down there there's no way to see the restaurant, plus it said Greek so I though it might be others that opened it as I don't remember the other one being Greek.

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    1. re: Mother of four

      The owner is the same owner as Phillippi Creek Oyster Bar.........
      But the manager and chef is from the (old Table people). I believe the old Table owners ran out of dough, so they needed a backer, and found Phillippi Creek to back them and fortunately they had a building for them to move into....
      yes, the noise at the new place is very-very loud. The dining room is one big room so noise carries. But, the food is excellent.

      1. re: irwin

        Interesting. Looking forward to meeting you Sat.