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Dec 8, 2011 01:15 AM

Afternoon tea with an 11 year old- NOT downtown

I am giving my goddaughter a tea set for Christmas, and thought I'd pair it with a visit to a tea room... She's wanted to go since she saw it on Jon & Kate + 8 (ick, LOL).

So, I am looking for a child-friendly place with a real tea room atmosphere (not something like American Girl). We'd like tea served in a teapot, with pastries / savories / scones or such...

I've read a lot of recommendations on the boards for places downtown (Peninsula, Drake, and so on), but I do NOT want downtown... We need a place with nearby parking, due to a physical handicap. On-street parking is fine, as long as it's very close and likely to be available. :-) I'd also prefer the place not be too horribly expensive.

Anyone know of a place that fits? Any help would be great. :-)

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  1. How far are you willing to travel? Do you hve to be in Chicago and do you have a preferred neighborhood/side of town? Or, are suburbs okay, and if so which direction is preferred?

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      Suburbs are fine... I live in Irving Park near the 90/94 split, so anything north or northwest is easiest. But honestly, if it's a good place that meets the criteria, I'm willing to drive whatever's necessary...

      Thanks! :-)

    2. I have not had tea here but I had a great experience trying to set up a birthday tea party with the proprietor. We ended up having tea at another location but it wasn't a place that I would recommend.

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      1. The Celtic Knot in Evanston has alovely afternoon tea a couple of times a week (Wed/Sat), complete with tiny sandwiches, devon cream, and individual teapots. I always have liked it as a more genteel, gracious way to spend an afternoon. Might fit the bill...
        And the street parking is pretty good, or Whole Foods next door has roof top parking and an elevator.

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        1. re: skokieam

          I'm worried it's more of an "English Pub" feel than a tear room feel?

          Are you allowed to park in the Whole Foods lot if you're not shopping?

        2. The Pickwick Tea Room is exactly what you are looking for. It's in Frankfort, IL. It's a bit far south but has parking right out front, and is fantastic. I'm really looking forward to taking my daughter there.

          Please check it out. The tea and atmosphere are amazing, and the scones with clotted cream are a real treat!

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          1. re: tzurriz

            Wow, thanks everyone! These are terrific places to chose from.
            I really appreciate all the help. :-)