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Dec 7, 2011 08:14 PM

Restaurant de Glace Pommery from January 6th 2012 until March 31th, 2012

Some chowhounds are often looking for something different, something new--

Eric Gonzalez , currently at l'auberge Saint-Gabriel, has been appointed chef of Restaurant de Glace Pommery of 60 places in the snow/ice structure to be located in the new Snow Village of Parc Drapeau . The menu is online now for noon and evening meals and they are taking reservations. You can also drink at the bar with terrasse, go to spa, stay overnight in ice hotel or in an igloo , get married in chapel, have corporate meetings in conference centre, etc

-- the English version does not have uptodate information, nor the various menu choices, hence the french:


the info is not clear on site re openings: thurs-sun. 5pm-midnight; sat. and sun. noon service 11am-3pm

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  1. If this is the ice hotel outside of Quebec City... run a search for my comments from 2010 and stay the hell away! No comments on the food, but the "Village des Neiges" is a horrible tourist dump and really not worth your time.

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      No, this is referring to the new Snow Village that is going to be opening in Parc Jean Drapeau in Montreal this winter - - as mangoannie mentioned in her post

    2. The way it's been looking, I hope they've planned to have a refrigeration system...

      1. Just had lunch (okay, just soup and coffee) at the Pommery today. It is expensive, menu fixe at $16 for a soup/salad and panini. No vegetarian option, so I had the soup (squash, it was good) and my friend had the panini. In addition access to the site is $13 per person, higher on the weekend. Service was abysmal. There are only 2 choices on the menu and they are pre-prepared. I can't understand what took so long to serve the 5 tables that were occupied. The concept is fun and the carved ice is pretty special. My friend left her tea pot on the ice table top instead of the wood placemat and melted a hole in the table. I suspect that happens often. Another drawback is the parade of people and school children that flow through the restaurant as part of the tour of the snow village. Weekends are very busy. The mild weather that we have had caused them to be behind schedule so not all of the village is complete. The rain flooded the area and it is very slippery to walk. If you are looking for something different I would still recommend going but at least now you are forewarned.

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          Excellent meal on February 5. Pics and details to follow soon. Definitely recommended.

          Roobius, entrance to the park is FREE if you have a restaurant reservation. Also the diner to my right was a vegetarian and enjoyed his meal. It was freezing cold this weekend so the other problems that you mentioned were also non-existent. I didn't see a menu so I have no idea what the prices are like and can't comment on them.

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            I think I happened to go on the same weekend as Rooibus and had a similar experience, unfortunately. As far as I was explained, if you are dining for lunch, you must pay the entrance fee to the park; however, as dinner is more expensive, the entrance fee is waived. Of course that's only what they told me when I got to the park, after calling the restaurant info line and being told the entrance fee would be waived. Overall, I was definitely happy to have seen the entire village, so the entrance fee was worth it, but if I had to do it again, I think I would skip the lack lustre lunch and just tour the village. The best part of my meal was ending with a satisfying hot chocolate, which I'm sure could have been supplied at the bar instead. I can't comment on dinner, hopefully its a much better experience!