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Dec 7, 2011 07:04 PM

Vietnamese Pancakes (Banh Xeo) & Fried Bread for Pho

My wife and I went to Vietnam earlier this year. Specifically, Saigon.

There were two items that I haven't seen here in the US.

Is there anywhere in LA serving fried bread with pho like they do in Saigon?

Also, a common and wonderful dish in Saigon are the pancakes... sort of like Vietnamese savory crepes. Is anyone doing that in LA?

I'd prefer answers for the LA area, but OC responses would be appreciated as well.


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  1. 1. you mean "chinese donuts"?

    If so, I have never seen this served with pho in SoCal - only with other vietnamese noodles

    2. banh xeo, found at many general vietnamese places (sorry don't got a rec)

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      Hey NS1,

      Thanks for the response. It looks like that's the right bread. Does Dau Chao sound right for Vietnamese? And why don't places here serve it with pho? It's a great compliment.

      I'm on the west side. For Vietnamese, I tend to stick with Pho 99 or Pho Show. I refuse to go to Pho Citi. And when I venture out of the area, it tends to be for Pho 79 in Alhambra.

      I don't believe any of the three have the pancakes. Could be wrong. Am I missing it? Anyway, what are your favorite Vietnamese places in LA?

      1. re: mikeinla10

        dau chao quay sounds about right.

        great version of it @ trieu chau on bolsa right next to newport seafood. good noodle soups to go along with it; get there real early because they sell out if it really early.

        for vietnamese, pho 999 in van nuys or I head to the SGV/714 for vietnamese. I don't bother with the vietnamese places around "these parts" of LA.

    2. I know what you are talking about, but not that many places serve Chinese Donuts with Pho in LIttle Saigon. We always like to eat at Pho Pasteur in Saigon, and they have the donuts. I don't really eat them very often since I don't like fried bread that much.

      But if you give me a good baguette and some Bo Kho, I"m in heaven.

      Banh Xeo you can find at many places. I think it is one of those dishes that is only good if it is done right. There's only one place in Saigon where I eat Banh Xeo. My wife doesn't like it because she thinks it is boring.

      I took a cooking class in VN where they taught me to make it. Maybe I will open a food truck serving Banh Xeo.

      1. The bread is called dầu cháo quỷ and around here is usually only served with hot soy milk or cháo (congee), and only in the mornings. It's available from both Vietnamese and Chinese places so I suppose you could buy some and then take it to a pho shop. In Cantonese it's called yau ja gwai.

        Bánh xèo are very good at Van in Garden Grove. They pretty much serve that, various salad rolls, and bún chả Hà Nội.

        1. Banh Xeo is excellent at Vietnam House in San Gabriel, with the equally excellent Egg Rolls, both come with very extensive accompaniments such as herb and lettuce plates and various sauces. We always order both of these dishes, and the entire table is covered with plates. I'm now drooling.

          1. the best banh xeo in Little Saigon is no longer Vans Restaurant, but newcomer Thanh Ha on corner of magnolia and bolsa.

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              Thanh Ha is pretty good, but last time I cruised by (around 2:30 on a Thursday, I think) it was closed? We got banh xeo at Banh Cuon Tay Ho instead...