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Dec 7, 2011 06:57 PM

Falafel arax, shawrama???

Any truth to a blog posting that there is pork fat sitting on top of the shawrma spit to lubricate the shawrma???

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  1. if there was it sure didnt work. the shawerma i had at Arax, albeit years ago was seriously dry. Made me never want to stray from Zankou, though nowadays I prefer Skafs in NoHo.

    1. I'm not sure - maybe lamb fat? Anyway, I agree w/ above, it's not that great. Not terrible, though, so I go back. I'm sure there is a lot better in that area (Little Armenia) but I've been too lazy to check. Maybe that Zankou is good, but I can't really recommend the product at the Pasadena or Van Nuys branches (but I like the chicken ok)

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        Arax is below average. The zankou in the area is wonderful, and the one on Colorado might even be better