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Dec 7, 2011 06:38 PM

Best Doughnuts in Bergen County

I'm talking big jelly donuts where the jelly runs down your chin as you bite into it.... mmmmm.... Any ideas of where to find the best of the best? Not looking for synthetic stuff, looking for the real mccoy.

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  1. Agreed. Would love to find doughnuts filled with real jam, like smuckers. The red syrupy stuff is just plain bad.

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    1. re: njkosher

      I really thought there was a whole sufganiyot thread from a few years ago...but I cannot find it.

      So what are our options? Really?
      Butterflake...Zaides, whatever comes in to Teaneck Glatt from NY?
      Does Maadan or Noah's Ark do sufganiyot?

      1. re: vallevin

        Is this the thread you were remembering? It's not about NJ, though.

        1. re: vallevin

          Any hope at all with the MochaBleu pastry chef?