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Dec 7, 2011 06:23 PM

grassy tops of lemongrass

i know you can use the stalks of lemongrass, but what about the leafy, grassy tops? are they good for anything? i tried growing some but it's more like they're growing "up" rather than spreading out and i would like to trim them.

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    1. I've thrown it in (unchopped) with rice before cooking it and then removed it for eating. It adds a subtle lemongrass flavor. I have also tied it in a knot (to bruise and release oils) and chucked it in my water bottle. That makes a nice, lightly flavored water over the course of a day. I bet you could make tea with it as well.

      1. you can brew a tea from the grassy leaves but otherwise they have little culinary value IMO, as compared to the stalks.

        1. Snip the tops for infusing in tea (as mentioned) or in a bowl of sugar, flavoring for sugar syrup, added to vinegar bottles and if you enjoy the smell of lemongrass as much as I do it makes a nice sachet.