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Dec 7, 2011 06:09 PM

New Year's Eve in Phoenix or Scottsdale?

What is a good restaurant in Phoenix or Scottsdale to celebrate New Year's Eve? We want something special not loud and wild.

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  1. I just got an email from Nobuo at Teeter House, they're doing a prix fixe for $80 with options to add-on. It's small, so I doubt it'll be raucous, but I bet it'll be memorable. I wish they'd released a menu so I could see what proportion were dishes from the regular menu versus new creations; although I can see why that'd be impossible for them to do this early, as they are so dependant on what their supplier can procure for them on that particular day.

    Nobuo at Teeter House
    622 E Adams St, Phoenix, AZ 85004

    1. Some years ago (not a big NYE person), we did the dinner at Lon's at the Hermosa Inn, and it was good, with both the food, and the service. Now, that was then, and this is now, so it might not hold true any longer.

      I'm usually watching NYE in London, or Paris, and sometimes make it up for NYC, but seldom beyond. I also do NOT like driving on NYE (or any other holiday, for that matter). This year, we have to fly back from the Deep South, and I hate it, but life is life, and one must do, what one must do.

      Enjoy, and Happy (pre) New Year's Eve!


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      1. re: Bill Hunt

        Thank you. We are not big NYE people either, but we are going to be in Scottsdale for the Fiesta Bowl so we wanted to find a good place to go.

        1. re: deucetaylor

          I certainly understand. It was sort of the same for us - last time.

          I wish that I could provide a much more recent review, but it WAS some years ago.

          This year, we'll be flying in to PHX, so will probably NOT be celebrating, unless we get upgraded! [Grin]

          Enjoy, and be safe,


      2. Nobuo's is a good bet, as mentioned already. I got an email about this but don't see it on their website yet. Binkley's seems to always have a special menu for NYE but I don't see anything on their website and I haven't received notice via their mailing list.

        Kai is the highest rated restaurant in the area and is having a NYE special, though I don't see it listed on their website yet. Usually they send out notice to people on their email list, then list it later on the web site if they don't fill up. Five course prix fixe for $140 with $35 and $50 wine pairing options, or nine courses for $225 with $60/$85 wine options.

        Here's what's listed in their email for the 5 course meal:

        Amuse -- Truffles, Foie Gras & Caviar

        Second Course
        Soup & Salad
        Parsnip, Celery Root & Cauliflower Puree
        Sorrel & Chanterelle Composition on Aged Balsamic & Goats Milk Air

        Third Course
        Suckling Pig Torta Enhanced with Epazote Mole

        Winter Inspired Elixir

        Entrees (Choice of One)
        Nebraska Wagyu Basted with Foie Gras
        Tower of Dried Cherry Pate, Exotic Carrot Mash, Merlot Glace
        Pan Seared Sturgeon and Reversed Cooked Diver Scallops from Baja
        Black Garlic & Wild Mint Tagliatelle, Carpaccio of Iberico Lomo, Petite Mustard Snips, Perrier Jouet Fondue

        Dessert Duo
        Chocolate Moon Pie & Strawberry Gingersnap Frozen Bavarios

        Kai Truffles

        Nine course meal is similar except both wagyu and sturgeon plates, a foie gras three-ways course, a cheese course, and a lobster course.

        OpenTable sent an email about restaurants with NYE specials and there were around 50 places listed, so there are a lot of options. You can search with the string 'opentable phoenix new year's eve' to find this list. Note that some of the places figure they can sell out on their own without using OT (avoiding paying OT fees) so don't list that date, ie, Kai uses Opentable but doesn't have NYE listed, neither does Nobuo.

        Anyway, one of those three (Nobuo, Kai or Binkley's) would be excellent foodie choices. I'll be at the one nearest my home and driving defensively on the drive back afterwards.