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Dec 7, 2011 04:20 PM

Restaurants in Baton Rouge

Are there any "don't miss restaurants" in Baton Rouge? Not the most expensive, just good food.

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  1. The two that come to mind are Mansur's on the Boulevard and Juban's. They've both been around for a long time and consistently offer some of the best French/Creole food in the city. Enjoy your visit to Baton Rouge!

    1. Stroube's. The chef there has cooked at the James Beard House twice and just let me know he has been invited to cook Thanksgiving dinner there next year.

      1. Not up there often but when we are, we always go to Superior Grill (even though there's the other one on St. Charles, this one just seems better)

        1. Agree with the suggestions of Mansur's and Juban's (my preference). Depending on how long
          you will be in BR, you might want to also consider Galatoire's Bistro...granddaughter of the New Orleans Grande Dame.

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            They closed it a few months ago: plan to reopen in a new sport in about a year.