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wok of fame..."live cooking buffet"...brampton

nevrenuf Dec 7, 2011 03:36 PM


I usually don't go to chinese buffets (or any other type) but this place is around the corner from my house and brand new so i thought...why not???

this was hands down the worst "chinese" food i've ever had - the pre cooked selections were either intensely over-salted or completely bland, even the fried rice sucked and everything was super greasy. at the live cooking area (which is what i thought would be their claim to fame), you get your own meats and veggies and give it to the chef, who then BOILS it all and then when it's pretty much cooked, he tosses it in the worst sauce i've ever had (i chose kung pao) in a hot wok for 5 seconds and puts it on you plate...i couldn't eat it, it was that bad. odly enough, the best thing there was sushi, they had salmon, egg and tuna (red) nigiri with some cucumber & california rolls, fish was fresh and wasabi had more punch than most ayce spots....

after my gross meal, i had some mediocre deserts, paid my $24 and swore i'd never return...

maybe this was cause the place was really new?? hopefully...all i know is i'm not going back unless someone i know personally has a very different experience...

  1. m
    Mr Dithers Dec 30, 2011 02:53 PM

    I simply did not like the food at this place. Millions were spent on the interior. I did not think that the money was well spent, but others seem to like the design.

    1. Kagemusha Dec 8, 2011 06:54 AM

      Have watched this place crawl to completion for months. It's a huge space formerly occupied by a Bay clearance centre then various overstock/schlock outlets. They're obviously banking on business from the court houses nearby. Friends tried it and gave it a firm "meh." These are also loyal Mandarin customers who likely won't be going back soon, either.

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