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Dec 7, 2011 03:21 PM

Christmas Dessert Ideas

For Christmas dinner we have a seafood extravaganza with Maine lobster, dungeness crab, seared scallops, clams, parmesan halibut fingers, shrimp fried rice and asparagus. It's a fabulous meal that is incredibly rich, and needs an equally fabulous dessert,

I don't want to serve something too heavy, as dinner will be heavy enough. I'm thinking of something that will cut the richness but still be memorable.

Thanks for your wonderful ideas!

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  1. I'm making spiced oranges.

    its a fruit cup served cold.

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    1. re: laliz

      How about an ice wine panna cotta with fresh raspberries

    2. What about mousses? A pumpkin mousse is great. Cranberry might be better to cut through the richer flavors. Lemon souffle would work really well considering all of the seafood.

      1. How about poached pears? As someone else suggested a mousse or souffle would be nice.

        They may not be as elegant as you want but I like this new restaurant trend where they are making small individual desserts. You could make almost anything, even if it were heavy, if it is in a 4 ounce ramekin. A pot de creme would work nicely here.

        I know... how about a mousse in a small chocolate cup. You can make the cup with foil muffin liners. Paint 3 or 4 layers of chocolate on the inside and then peel away the foil. Pipe the mousse into the cup, garnish with a raspberry. Very elegant to live up to your dinner but small enough to be able to eat after such a meal.

        1. I like the idea of something citrusy with all that seafood - what about a key lime pie or cheesecake? Or the famous Brown Derby Grapefruit Cake?

          1. I served a sabayon (made with Sauternes) "trifle style"over a pound cake/cream/Huckleberries at Thanksgiving. Very nice and adapts to whatever fruit and wine is your favorite at that moment. If you fold in whipped cream in the sabayon sauce- it will keep in the fridge to be put together fresh when needed. Elegant and works well.