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Dec 7, 2011 03:12 PM

Opinions about Viking Cooking School

Hi there,

Can anyone share opinions/experiences at the Viking Cooking School in Franklin? I'm thinking about some holiday gifts and this could be interesting. I'll probably limit it to one, three hour hands-on session. Any recommendations for a can't miss class? I see Whole Foods also offers hands-on cooking classes that look similar to these. Any thoughts on which might offer the most bang for my buck?

Thanks in advance,


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  1. I've taken classes both places. Both are good, but the setup is somewhat different.

    The Whole Foods classes tend to be demo classes. The instructor/guest chef cooks and talks and the audience is served each course as it's finished. They DO have hands-on classes, but they're in the minority and I haven't take them. It's the same instructors, though, and I have no doubt it would be a good experience.

    Viking does demo classes, but the majority is hands-on. Viking has two separate kitchens, one for the demos and a separate one for the hands-on. If your interest is hands-on, I much prefer the Viking setup as it's more professional-grade and really built for multiple teams of cooks, whereas the WF setup is really built for 1 or 2 cooks and some assistants. The Viking facility is also used to showcase their products, so all the equipment is Viking and top of the line.

    As for which class to take, it really just depends on your interests. I've not had a bad class at either. I will say that as someone who actually enjoys cooking and learning details of how-to, the Viking experience is better. If your recipients enjoy watching food tv but don't actually log much time in the kitchen, then either WF or the Viking demos would be fine.

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