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Dec 7, 2011 02:54 PM

Hairy Crab Roe -- Available anywhere in the Bay Area?

Has anyone found hairy crab roe at any chinese restaurants or markets around here?

I read it is sometimes sold frozen in hong kong, which, if true, leads me to suspect someone around here sells it too.


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  1. Some old hairy crab threads. The note about Sawa is also about 5 years old.
    A delicacy dish, shipped from Japan. This "hairy" crab is in season once a year and costs about $150 each.

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      Mitten crabs have actually established themselves in SF and San Pablo Bays, possibly from ballast or imported food specimens that were released. There used to be super high numbers of the crabs, but levels have moderated.

      They are regarded as an invasive, pest species, so possession of live crabs is prohibited.

      Never seen frozen mitten crabs, but you never know.

      I would think you could catch some rather easily with the proper know-how (I've only caught one accidently--singularly unimpressive). If so inclined, I would call bait stores in the delta/Suisun Bay, maybe South Bay. They'll probably think you're a bit addled to target the crabs, but they might have helpful info. I think the peak of the season has passed. Bag limits are very generous (35 to unlimited), and it would seem to make more sense to spend $20 on bait and equipment to get your own rather than $$$$ to get some imported from half way around the world (do kill them after capture and don't spread them).

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        I am trying to reach alfredck and I don't know if there is anyway to do it through here, but notice this is your latest post. I want to talk to you about a write up you did a couple of years ago about Sacramento Blackfish.

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          Happy to talk--what is your contact info? Not sure what the best way to securely transmit this would be.