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Dec 7, 2011 02:39 PM

lower Westchester for a family meal

Looking for a delicious meal where we can hear each other and there are 8 of us

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  1. La Panatiere, Rye
    or Spadaro, New Rochelle (reso's a must as they can only seat 20 or so people)...

      1. re: Big_Salad

        Thank you. We would like to stay close to 95, Mamaroneck, New Rochelle, Pelham Manor, City Island, as we are going from LI.

        1. re: mdill

          roasted peppers in mamk as well as a place called rosa's la scarabitta on halstead in mamk. it really depends on what your family likes to eat. mamk ave in mamk has a ton of good places in a variety of ethnicities

          1. re: mdill

            It's about 2 miles northwest through Baychester Avenue from 95. I haven't tried La Scarbitta but the owner is related to Spadaro's which is good but crowded. Most of the other recommendations so far I agree with, though perhaps not your interest in City Island.

        2. Alvin and Friends in New Ro?

          1. 2 Italian and 2 Mexican restaurants: I would recommend Agostino's on Pelham Road in New Rochelle -- should be a good location for you and the food and service are excellent. DaGiorgio in Wykagyl/New Rochelle gets a high Zagat rating and I've found it to be very good, although it suffers on Sat. night from being too busy. Also, if you like Mexican food, try Little Mexican Cafe on Main Street in New Rochelle -- they have great margueritas and mojitos and solid food. Another good Mexican is El Tio near New Roc City in New Rochelle. You can find certificates for both DaGiorgio and Little Mexican Cafe on You can hear yourself at all the above.

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            1. re: cloverose

              Thank you all. We are going to try Agostino's

              1. re: mdill

                Great! After you go, please report back with your experience. I've only been 1x, but was extremely satisfied and have also read many good reviews..