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Tell me about this

We received a shipment of marzipan from one of our vendors. It was something we have never seen before, and a bit rude too. The are small little male figures with their trousers down and a small gold coin in the buttocks crack? Does anyone know what this is about?

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  1. No, but I think it's funny. Do you have a pic? Do you know who makes them?

    1. How do you know they're male?

      1. Lol, sorry. I can't help but laugh. I'm still googling but I assume they look like this?


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          1. Several of my coworkers are German, will ask them.

            1. What did the vendor say?

              1. Mystery solved. They're wishing you good luck! Good luck with what though...!


                "Bergen's Geldscheisser marzipan is well-known for quality: Traditional New Year's gift in Germany for Good Luck and prosperity. Don't we all need some??
                The meaning behind this tradition: When you present this to someone for the New Year, you are wishing them so much success in the upcoming year that they will be sh..ing gold coins. Give these out to your New Year's Eve guests."

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                      If I saw these in a store, I'd buy some for certain friends, who'd get a kick out of it.

                  1. Definitely a memorable gift!

                    1. How is it, with a German father who loved all manner of crude, shocking jokes/gags as well as marzipan in all forms, that I never encountered these?

                      1. Why hasn't anyone up til now translated it as Gold Shitter? :o)

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                          It just sounds more dignified in the original German that DuchessNukem and Mlou72 posted.