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Dec 7, 2011 01:08 PM

Pre-Theater Drinks/Light Meal 12/17

We will be in New York on the 17th and have dinner reservations at Daniel that evening. We recently found out that close friends will also be in the city that day going to a show that evening so were looking for a place near the theater district/mid town to meet for drinks where they could potentially get small plates or a pre-theater meal afterwards. I did some research and both The Lambs Club bar and dB Bistro looked promising but Lambs Club has a private event and dB has no tables available. Any other thoughts for a similar sort of place?

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  1. The Modern Bar Room should work great. The food (small plates) is fabulous too!

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      Thanks. Had that on my radar screen as well

    2. We do like the The Bar Room at the Modern a lot. But in case it is booked, another drinks/ small plates option right nearby is Maze at The London, the casual dining spot formerly owned by Gordon Ramsay. We ate there some time ago when he still owned it. Though it and the more haute eponymous restaurant still bear his name, he is now just doing the consultant thingy. But I have not heard anything to indicate that the food at Maze has gone downhill.

      151 W 54th St, New York, NY 10019