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Dec 7, 2011 12:40 PM

Christmas Day late lunch

Locals -

Mom has decided she is on strike this year and will not cook. Where should myself and about seven others go for Christmas lunch? Something casual (read: inexpensive), yet festive. Are any of the hotel buffets any good? What about somewhere that might be a little offbeat and under the radar? Or is there somewhere that is so perfect it is worth a splurge? We will have one child with us, a four year old who is not a terror, but not quite accustomed to sitting down for long periods of time, either.


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  1. has a list of who is open on christmas day. other than that, i don't know who to recommend. look at the list and pull up some menus to peruse. i like cafe adelaide but it may be too eclectic for your family.

    1. Here's a link to NOLA restaurants for Christmas. I think you would enjoy Domenica or Luke. Enjoy your visit.




      1. Domenica in the Roosevelt is perfect for this! It's not very expensive (wine will add up of course), it's child-friendly, it's a bit offbeat, and the lobby of the Roosevelt has the most beautiful and festive decorations in the city. No brainer.

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