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Dec 7, 2011 12:28 PM

pickled everything in Silverlake?

a friend mentioned that she heard of a shop in silver lake that sells pickled... everything. I believe its a pickle specific store. does anyone know what I'm talking about as I am greatly intrigued!

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  1. She may be referring to Kuegermann Pickles:

    They have a huge line of pickles. Their factory is just outside the northern periphery of Sliver Lake. I don't know if they have a retail outlet there.

    1. There's also Squirl which offers some preserving classes and sells jam and other preserved things at Proof Bakery in Atwater.

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      1. UPDATE MAY 2012:

        Was looking around for a store that sells their own pickles and sauerkraut and came across Kruegermann's. Anyone know of a place closer to the Westside? Or is this L.A.s place for pickles and pickled products?

        Any Westside Farmer's Markets have homemade pickle products?

        Thanks ...

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          Atwater Village Farm also carries pickles and jams from several different makers. Any good farmer's market these days should have a pickle maker, I'm sure Santa Monica must.