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Paella in Northern NJ

New to posting - I'm looking for a restaurant in northern NJ (we're in the Paramus area) that has good paella, preferably paella verde. We ate at Don Quijote in Fairview a few years ago and enjoyed the paella there but looking for a different place. And if they have good sangria that would be a plus. Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. I am guessing you don't consider Newark as "northern NJ" -- correct?

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    1. Check out Meson Madrid on Bergen Boulevard in Palisades Park. Also check out Segovia in Moonachie. Another -- right in your backyard is El Cid. Also, Sabor in North Bergen. Good luck.

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          Yes, another good one in North Bergen. Forgot about that one. Thanks.

        2. Segovia in Moonachie makes a good one. You'll have dinner for four days from it too.

          1. For a relatively inexpensive but nice Spanish restaurant in our area-try Granada in Hawthorne.They just reopened after renovation-nice people and good food

            1. I live in the Ironbound section of Newark and the best Paella I've ever had was at El Cid in Paramus.

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                I'm not sure I know what paella should taste like, but I didn't enjoy the huge bowl of dry rice and overcooked seafood at El Cid.

              2. We too like La Grandada or Villa Verde for the food. THe atmosphere is meh but great and inexpensive paella. I'm not a huge fan of el cid. If you want to head to the iron bound, you can do Fornos but i don't think their prices necessarily reflect better food.

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                  I hate saying it because the place is always so busy as it is and I am forced to go to dinner on tuesday and wednesday nights but Segovia's is my favorite spanish restaurant in Bergen County.

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                      Everything I have had there has been good. Paella, Chilian Sea Bass, Chicken and Shrimp in garlic sauce, chorizo and even a simple arroz con pollo. The only thing I was not happy with was the octopus appetizer.