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Dec 7, 2011 11:16 AM

Pliny the Elder in the Burbank/NoHo area: any leads?

hated dogfish, need to check out pliny before writing off IPA's forever. Any leads? I would prefer to buy bottled from a store, but on tap recommendations are also appreciated

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  1. Boneyard Bistro in Sherman Oaks on Ventura Blvd. just a coupla blocks east of Woodman. for info
    But please do not write off IPA's - they are so good, yet the ones you have tasted may not be representative of the entire genre.
    Go to for all info related to beers, IPA and otherwise.

    1. Funny, I was about to recommend Pliny the Elder after your post to the 120 min thread! Definitely try it before writing off the category. Many IPAs, like 90 min and Green Flash, go for a shock-and-awe approach. Pliny the Elder is the ultimate in refinement.

      You might try calling the Glendale Whole Foods to see whether they carry it. Select WFs have it, but typically you have to ask for it. This has the benefit of keeping the bottle contents from getting "light struck" from the fluorescent bulbs in the refrigerators.

      1. Whole Foods on Foothill/Rosemead and on Arroyo Pkwy in Pasadena definitely get it. They usually do not keep them out so you have to ask for it. I would call before going. Also try Stone Ruination, it is a Double Imperial IPA like Pliny and I find that it is a great substitute when Pliny is hard to come by. Or you can always wait until Feb when Pliny the Younger comes out which is the ultimate in DIPA. Basically the same as the Elder but more intense.

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          I had Plint on tap at the Toronado in SD. It was unique like some sort of hop juice without being overly bitter. Amazing stuff. Look for it on tap over the bottle. If you see it, be sure and buy the freshest bottle possible and don't buy it warm. It should be kept cold to keep it fresh.

          Also, you might like Union Jack from Firestone Walker.

          1. re: A5 KOBE

            > Basically the same as the Elder but more intense

            Really? I had Younger two years ago at the 2010 Lucky Baldwin's event, and thought it was much more Belgian in character than Elder. I'm surprised they even have similar names. Personally, I prefer Elder by a mile. Maybe Younger changes a lot from year-to-year?

            1. re: Peripatetic

              I believe the Younger is a triple IPA and Elder is a double IPA and Bling Big is standard IPA. So it would go intense to more mild, respectively. I like all three, but for the money Ruination is really good for the price and never runs out. I buy Pliny when I see it. Blind Pig is good but not worth the buck considering it is the same price as the Elder.

              1. re: A5 KOBE

                I like Blind Pig more than Elder, personally. I'll buy either when I find them though. I also really like Hair of the Dog's Blue Dot DIPA and I'm not usually a big IPA fan either.

                To the Original Poster, while I can't recommend places in North Hollywood or Burbank, Oaks Gourmet Market and K&L Wine in Hollywood both carry Pliny the Elder. I don't think either have it right now. It generally sells out quickly after they get a shipment. K&L does list it under "coming soon." K&L does have the Blue Dot in their Hollywood store and have the Blind Pig in another of their stores and will ship stock from any of their stores down to the Hollywood store upon request.

                1. re: bg90027

                  Thanks. Oaks Gourmet is actually where I picked up the 90 minute DFH

                  1. re: ns1

                    If you shop at Oaks Gourmet and are a facebook user, like them on facebook. They always post it as a status when they get Pliny back in stock.

                    1. re: bg90027

                      thanks. As an addendum to the OP, Tony's Darts Away in Burbank has Pliny on tap.

          2. ns1 - What did you not like about Dogfish? I have never tried it but I am just curious.

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            1. re: A5 KOBE

              bitter bitter bitter.

              all I tasted was bitterness - a DIPA characteristic, I have learned.

              1. re: ns1

                My uncle is the same way. He doesn't like the Elder because it was too bitter but he actually likes Blind Pig because it has the same hop taste with less bitterness. Much more mild. Heck, try both. I personally like the bitter finish to the Elder but that is just me.

              2. re: A5 KOBE

                If you're going to try Dogfish IPA, try the 90 minute... I prefer it to the 60 and 120 varieties. It's complex but well balanced as IPAs go.

                Pliny the Elder is a great one, I also like Stone IPA... but that's more just hops on hops on hops than a real complex flavor.

                1. re: Firenzilla

                  OP mentioned in another thread that he tried 90 min and didn't like it.


                  1. re: Firenzilla

                    I'm gonna check out Pliny and Chimay next...

                2. i have bought pliny the elder at red carpet in glendale, and at the vendome in toluca lake/noho.
                  red carpet sells out quickly, and at vendome, you have to ask for it.

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                  1. re: linus

                    this is the vendome on Cahuenga/Riverside?

                      1. re: linus

                        thanks, closest lead so far! I'll drop by tonight or tomorrow.

                        1. re: ns1

                          report from vendome: no pliny, guy gave me a bottle of 'blind pig' instead ($4.94)

                          1. re: ns1

                            i'm sorry they didn't have it. if you're in the area, i recommend stopping back, because i have bought it there. it is never on the shelves or in the cooler; you have to ask one of the friendly beer geeks to pull it out of the back for you.

                            i have also bought it sporadically at the whole foods in glendale.

                            1. re: linus

                              yeah the guy I asked said they didn't receive a shipment in. the blind pig was quite good though, so I have high hopes for the pliny. i live up the street so it's no big deal - i could bike there on my way home from work.

                              thanks for the heads up that it's never on the shelves/cooler, it'll stop wasting my time perusing the coolers haha

                              1. re: ns1

                                Ah yea, that Vendome is my local liquor. They usually have everything, I'm sure they'll get pliny back soon.