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Dec 7, 2011 10:57 AM

Great places for dinner gift cards for the holidays?


Hoping you can help chowhounders. I am now living in LA and need to send my Mother In Law and my Sister in Law and her husband gifts. I decided to give them a nice dinner to a great place. My MIL is somewhat reserved but like fancy places, no foam infused food for her, thinking like a great place to have a fancy afternoon tea? or a elegant restaurant?

My SIL and her husband are vegetarians, so any place upscale, I know they love South Boston and North End.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Looking to spend around 150 each (figure they can pay for wine and tip)


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  1. My suggestion would be a gift card to the Columbus Hospitality Group: which would be good at any of their excellent restaurants which include Sorellina, Mooo..., Mistral, Teatro and L'Andana. Those 5 restaurants have something for everyone.

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