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Dec 7, 2011 10:27 AM

Pies - Freeze the Whole Thing or Just the Crust?

I would like to get a jump start on the pie making thing & am wondering what is the best route to take. Do I just make up a bunch of "shells" & freeze them & do the frenzy baking at the last minute or can I make a whole pie with filling & everything (like you buy in the frozen food section)? Will I be compromising taste by doing all this ahead of time? Also, mini pies as gifts come to mind, maybe 3-4 little pies in a box for gifts. That way no one will be stuck with a whole pie they may not like. What is a good size for mini pies?

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  1. I like to mix up my dough crust and freeze the flattened rounds before they're rolled out. (Let warm in fridge before rolling out.)

    I tried freezing a whole pie but didn't calculate the longer baking time properly so was annoyed at myself for needing so long for the baking.

    And I simply don't have the space in my freezer for coddling shells. Even if that were the best way to go (and I'm not convinced it is). Though that may be an excellent choice if you're wanting to do a mass bake all at once.

    As for the mini pies, I'd let my pans dictate the size. I do like the idea for gifts. And in that case, if you can figure out the timing better than I did it might be a huge win to give frozen mini pies with instructions so people can bake at their convenience.

    Happy baking!

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      Miss louella, I had not thought of giving someone frozen mini pies....that is a wonderful idea. You are right about trying to figure out cooking times. Well, looks like I shall go out to the barn & dust the ol' chest freezer off & find a spot for a bunch of mini pies, thanks to your excellent suggestion. Just freezing the flattened rounds is a help too.