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Dec 7, 2011 09:45 AM

fennel substitute

When I see fresh fennel called for in a recipe, is there a suitable substitute that doesn't taste like fennel? It's the flavor that I don't like, not that I can't find it

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  1. If it's being used raw, I'd use kohlrabi to get that crispness. If it's being cooked, maybe apple or pear for the sweetness?

    1. If it's with a bunch of other vegetables, just skip it -- that's what I did in the years when I thought I didn't like it. Or use nice crisp celery instead.

      1. How is it being used? Can you imagine what it contributes to the recipe?

        I've gotten in the habit of chopping up the tougher parts of a fennel bulb, and using it like diced celery in a 'mirepoix'. So you might make the reverse substitution. Cooked like this the fennel flavor is not particularly noticeable (as opposed to when fresh). Obviously such a substitution would not work in a roasted fennel gratin.

        1. When I don't have fennel handy, I usually sub celery/celery root.