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Dec 7, 2011 08:10 AM

Vetri Tomorrow... any suggestions

Hi Everyone,

The SO and I are headed for Vetri tomorrow night for the second time. We went for the first time a year ago, and got to try everything we thought we wanted... spinach gnocchi, almond tortellini, and (probably my favorite) the onion creppe. So I was thinking, very tentatively, about branching out for this adventure.

Is there anything that we should request this time around?

(I'm really just trying to get excited for the trip, of course!)

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  1. Using the Berkel, which is the hand red slicer does his charcuterie wonderfully. Give Jeff a price range and he will give you new wines that might be stunning. Always liked the goat as well.

    1. We ate there last night. We had the spinach gnocchi, almond tortellini and onion crepe -- all longtime favorites. We also very much enjoyed a pasta new to us, carmella with butternut squash -- which was right up there with the spinach gnocchi and almond tortellini. For the meat course we had Texas antelope with wine sauce (either barolo or amorone, I don't remember which), which was absolutely fabulous. These were the highlights of the meal.

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        Since you have visited Vetri recently. Did you ask for these dishes to be included?

        We are visiting Vetri for the first time Sat. I am completely at ease letting a chef layout my entire meal start to finish and plan too. My wife is a bit more picky and you named three dishes she is dying to try...

        1. re: cryan1980

          A first visit to Vetri is a very good problem to have.

          I would make a few recommendations, but the single best bite of food I had last trip, the Nantucket Bay Scallop with Sharon Fruit, would not have been something that I would have thought to request. And there is also something supremely joyful about that sort of unexpected surprise.

          On the other hand, there are a few tried and true classics, and they have reached that status for a reason. Spinach gnocchi, almond tortellini, and sweet onion crepe all seem to be mainstays on the menu. And are all exquisite. I expect that if you reference this as your first trip, I would expect some, if not all, would end up on the table even if you don't specifically request them.

          My beautiful wife is a pasta fanatic and requested as much pasta as they were comfortable serving her, which was great because we ended up with a few new plates. This trip I made no requests and had a great time. The next time I go I will probably refrain from the spinach gnocchi, as I've had that twice now.

          Enjoy! You are in the CH catbird seat right now!

          1. re: tfalbo

            Thank you, we are both excited for this dinner and will report back afterwards-- my wife is a pasta fanatic as well.

            1. re: cryan1980

              Delicious meal. Enjoyed pasta that rivals my wife's... never had that in a restaurant before... Wine parings were perfect. I prefer reds but the whites left a lasting impact on me-- I must not have had whites perfectly paired before.

              I plan to provide a more thorough report tomorrow- but briefly we were served the majors which made my wife ecstatic- onion crepe, spinach gnocchi, chestnut fett., almond tortellini.

              Main proteins were the Baby goat and the bollito misto. I do not think --if given the choice-- I would have ordered a boiled dinner but it blew my mind... and that is why I trusted the staff tonight...

              dessert. Well...My wife was served the glorified brownie... . I had the Squash napoleon placed in front of me... We each tried a bit of her's... after we each tried a bite she ate all of the napoleon while I enjoyed a new to me dessert wine... not sure what it was at the moment...

          2. re: cryan1980

            I'm confused re: comments about "asking for certain dishes". I thought that Vetri served a tasting menu and that the customer got to sample everything.


            The tasting menu lists over 2 dozen dishes. Does each customer get to try each dish? Or is there another method?

            Thanks in advance.

            1. re: pizmet

              The OP's post is from December. The change was made after that time.

              1. re: pizmet

                You don't get all the dishes on the menu, you pick and choose, or just let them know which ones you'd rather not have, or just let them serve you whatever they want. It was around 6 courses, I think. If you're considering going to Vetri I'd recommend skipping it in favor of Vetri's second restaurant, Osteria, it's better and much less expensive.