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Dec 7, 2011 08:08 AM

Alex Stratta's Bigoli?

So the opening of Alex Stratta's (formerly of Vegas restaurants Alex and Stratta) new NY restaurant Bigoli was supposedly on Monday.

Has anyone been yet or heard any word on the place (other than about the ghastly decor)?

140 W 13th St, New York, NY 10011

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  1. I didn't think the decor was ghastly. The restroom wall paper looked like it was printed from a low-res jpg, and it could use signs on the doors letting you know it's the restroom but other than that, the restaurant's interior was fine.

    Some hits, some things need fine tuning.

    Hits: The included pesto and parmesan served w/ the bread, the seppia, the black bass and the chocolate hazelnut mousse. It's all good and I wouldn't change a thing.

    Needs fine tuning: The braised Tuscan veal, pappardelle and pistacchio cake. The veal is fine, tender and flavorful, but the reduction is a little salty and the included chard isn't enough to cut the richness. The pappardelle could use more flavor. Even though I tried it, it still managed to not leave much of an impression in my memory. The pistacchio cake would go great w/ coffee had I ordered some. Needs more pistacchio flavor. The sorbetto served w/ it is good though.

    Service: Attentive w/o hovering. Glasses filled, drinks refreshed, courses served at well paced intervals, etc.

    140 W 13th St, New York, NY 10011

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      Thanks for your report. Chef Stratta was my favorite chef in LV, and I miss his fantastic "Alex" at The Wynn. I do wish his restaurant was more of the level of Alex. I had always felt that if he had moved Alex to NYC, it would have become my #1 restaurant. I do look forward to trying his new restaurant soon.

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        Never having been to Alex, I would have preferred that Stratta's New York restaurant was French as I think we're over-saturated with Italian restaurants of Bigoli's type. I suppose we'll eventually try it but will wailt -- as we usually do with new restaurants -- until any kinks are worked out.