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Dec 7, 2011 07:55 AM

Lamb in Iowa City?

I'm looking to get a lamb leg or shoulder to roast Saturday in Iowa City. Is there a butcher anywhere?

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  1. Fairway and New Pioneer coop are both small grocery stores that cut meat. I have had good luck w. custom orders from both. Fairway is generally much cheaper. Ruzicka's is a butcher in Solon (if your not local it's just a 15 min drive north).

    Finally, and my fave is Pavelka's Point. Lois raises and lamb - I know she sells it at farmers markets normally. There is a winter's market at the IC rec center on Gilbert this Saturday - I would think about going there to see if she has anything.

    1. Definitely go with Pavelka's Point. You could call:

      Pavelka’s Point, Inc. Pork and Lamb
      Bill Ellison and Lois Pavelka

      Lois is super friendly and accommodating, and her meat is delicious. Good luck!

      1. Pavelka's is the bomb. Failing that, New Pioneer can get you what you want. They're pricier than Fareway, but I honestly have never seen lamb in stock at Fareway.

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          My experience with Fareway when I lived in Iowa not all that long ago was that the lamb was never in the display case, but always in their walk-in freezer if you asked for it.