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Butter Avenue

This looks promising, especially the name. I was driving by at Yonge & Yonge Blvd. It's not open yet, but I was wondering if anyone has heard more about it. The pictures on the window look like french macaroons but the name implies more homey type desserts.

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  1. No, but I'm looking forward to the opening. It will be nice to have an alternative to Patisserie Sebastian. Parking will be a nightmare around there, though.

    1. Here's a closer look at their product:

      Not sure if it's all macarons all the time for them, but it will be a feature from what I can tell.

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        How were they? Because seriously, if they make good macarons, I am so screwed -- Burger's Priest is opening on the next block. Burger, fries and shake, followed by some salted caramel macarons? 5 minutes from my house. Oh dear god.

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          They were only okay, but mind, I've had them only once. I'll give macarons a few chances usually, knowing how variable they can be.

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          They've been ramping up since around June? July? They're media-savvy so far...

        2. Here's an article about Butter Avenue on Post City:

          1. Friends of mine got me a delicious 6 pack of the raspberry macarons for my birthday back in March and I gobbled them up. They were so light and not too sweet! Loved them! Glad they're opening near home!

            1. They opened yesterday (12/22). I stopped in today and bought 2 6-packs of macarons. I've only tried the salted caramel so far. It was just a tad bit heavy on the salt, but otherwise, the filling was tasty. There was a big air bubble in one of the shells, so it was quite hollow. But the center was nice and chewy. I haven't tried the rest of the flavours yet, but I'll report back when I do.

              The space has a very minimalist look -- white on white. I hope they add some background music soon, as it's incredibly silent in there and I would personally not enjoy sitting there with a cup of tea in that silence. I really worry about the parking situation for them -- there is no street parking nearby, so people will need to park illegally in the Loblaw lot or park a couple of blocks away on the side streets. I really hope they do well, as it's a challenging location.

              The macarons are $2.25 each or 13.50 for a box of 6. They will have a broader pastry offering in the coming weeks. I'm looking forward to stopping in for a coffee and a pastry once they get settled in.

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                I tried Butter Avenue today and wanted to offer my opinion. I had a coffee, ham and cheese croissant and a strawberry white chocolate macaron. All were excellent!

                The croissant was crispy, light and very flaky, rather than the doughy kind that one often gets in the city. Good quality ham and cheese inside, and grated cheese on top that was melted, forming a crust on the pastry. The other kinds of croissants that they had were chocolate and almond (I think that they were all $2.25 each).

                The macaron was delicious. The meringue was delicate, crispy on the outside and slightly chewy inside, and the strawberry/white chocolate filling was very flavorful, with a nice soft texture and sweetened perfectly. However, it was my first macaron ever, so I have to say that I'm not in a great position to critique it compared with others. My friend has had lots of macarons and tried a sampler of a half dozen or so mini-macarons for $7.50 and was impressed (so I think that they are pretty good, relatively speaking).

                As you said, the decor is very minimalist/modern styling and although attractive, could use a bit more warmth, perhaps a few more pictures on the walls, plants or colored chairs, although I think that they achieved the "look" that they were aiming for. It is a little too quiet in there as well, and the ambiance would be improved by soft background music. Over the space of 2 hours (from 11-1) we only saw one other twosome come in and stay, which isn't a great sign of activity for a weekend morning.

                I agree that parking in that little stretch of Yonge Street isn't great, not nearly as good as even a block further south. I would discourage trying to park in the nearby Loblaws lot, as they are pretty vigilant about ticketing non-customers' cars there. It was a very nice morning, so we didn't have a problem with a walk of several blocks from where we parked on a side street, but I could see the parking situation negatively impacting their overall business. Apparently, the owners previously ran (or still run) a catering service, and this is their first retail outlet. I think that this place is a very good addition to the neighbourhood, and hope that it's becomes well supported and flourishes.

              2. Had to stop and pick up some medicine next door, my daughter saw the macaroon tree and wanted some. So we went in not excepting much, we have been let down so many times before we now rarely eat out. So looking at what for up for offer, we decided to have a few macaroons, 1 croissant and some ice tea. Much to our surprise, all was very good; I mean everything was very good.

                Had a Sea Salt Caramel and a Caramel Macchiato macaroons, they were imho two of the best macaroons I have ever had! I have made macaroons in the past, but now because of my strict diet, I hardly eat anything sweet, high in fat, and is not Paleo. In fact the other week we ate BBQ for the first time in almost a year or more, and it did not agree with me, way too much fat for me now. Whereas before this would be considered low fat. Anyhow, the macaroon fillings which in themselves are not low fat by any stretch of the imagination, where beautiful, moist not dry (which means old), salty, in short very flavourful. The shell was very light, crisp and had no holes, which again means they are not old. Considering it was Tuesday night that we happen by, again quite impressive.

                I don’t remember what kind of Ice tea we had. We did get it without any sweetener added. This too was the best ice tea ever, and I make lose leaf white tea in the winter. This was much more flavourful, in fact had we not spent a lot of money up north this past weekend, we would have spent it there instead.

                The croissant was alright, Ma Masion makes a fine chocolate/almond croissant, which my wife orders every other Saturday. This croissant was plain, but was a real thing, made with butter (no pasty feeling in the mouth), and it was properly rolled. The crust could have been a little darker. But maybe someone took it out a little early. It was still very good.

                Now they also sell French Pastries, which all look well prepared. I assume that with the fine wonderful tasty foods that we had, that the French Pastries are on par with flavour and texture.

                Sadly for us they are quite a distance to travel and of course my health is placed in jeopardy eating this type of fine wonderful tasty foods that are much more of the exception than the rule. Then of course I will also have to contend with the fact that once a month I visit next door, which means I have to walk right past this fine wonderful tasty place.

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                  I'm assuming you mean macaron (French meringue cookie that uses almond flour and is filled) and not macaroon (drop cookies based on shredded coconut) since you talk about a filled cookie.

                  What was the cost of each item? I'm wondering if they were reasonable for a macaron. If so, I may have to add this place to my list to try.

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                    They sell it at 2.25 each, I think if you get 6 + it's no tax. I've tried a few places in Toronto and Butter Avenue is the best in my opinion, my favourite is the cream cheese passion fruit! so good!!!!!!!!
                    I got to taste a different flavour from a friend's wedding favour few weeks back, I think it's Lavender? that one is pretty good too but I don't think they have it in store, probably only for special orders.
                    The parking is not so easy in the area but I was told parking underground at Loblaws is fine, tried that a few times didn't get a ticket or anything.
                    The owner told me they might open another store downtown in a year or two, hopefully this one will be at a more convenient location.

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                      Thanks Leah! It looks like I'll be adding this place for me to try. I think I want to try the dark chocolate, sea salt and caramel, and earl gray as well!

                      Oddly enough, this upper Yonge street is more convenient than any downtown location for me! I hope to try this out and compare this to Ruelo, Chocolate Alphabet, and Lemon Tree (my current favourites).