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Dec 7, 2011 06:56 AM

Smoked tuna appetizer?

Hello... I'm hoping to get some ideas of flavours that might go well with smoked tuna. I don't have enough of it to experiment and find out!

I thought about doing little smoked tuna melts on rye crostini but my other appetizer is sharp cheddar shortbread with bacon jam so I'd like this one to be lighter (and dairy-free).

So far I am thinking about putting it on an endive leaf, but it seems a little stark. So what do I need here? Toasted sesame seeds or sesame oil? A drop or two of balsamic vinegar? Maybe a little heat?

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  1. maybe make sushi rolls with a bit of green onion and avocado, or if you can use dairy, then cream cheese

    1. How about some capers, diced red onion and a touch of olive oil to bind, on top of that rye crostini? I love the idea of the rye with it.

      1. I love smoked tuna. I prefer it just as it is, generally. But I have made appetizers by mixing it with cream cheese and a drop of sriracha.

        Endive seems a bit strong for tuna. But you could use that and put a caper (in balsamic, maybe) or a little pile of tobiko or masago on top (the latter are tiny red or orange fish "caviar" you can get from an Asian market fairly affordably).I would probably use a thin rice or sesame cracker as the base. If you have some nori around you could crumble a bit and sprinkle it on top of the tuna instead of the caper or caviar.

        Hope that gets you started.

        1. Smoked tuna, sliced thinly; on a sesame cracker with a drizzle of thin ponzu sauce and a sprinkle of tiney dice of green onion and some toasted sesame seeds.

          Or, a little thicker slice of smoked tuna, on a slice of dense french/country loaf (barely bigger than the slice), with a little horseradish mixed with sour cream or cream fresche, and a sprinkle of pepper, fleaur de sel, and finely minced chives.

          1. These are great leads so far-- thank you, you're all invited to the party. I love the masago idea, and thanks for the thoughts on endive. I am sort of considering a lettuce wrap but I find them a bit difficult to get from the tray to the mouth so maybe I will do a thin cracker.