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Dec 7, 2011 06:47 AM

Food safety board

Is there a food safety board buried on Chowhound somewhere that I can't find? Searches only return specific questions that relate to power outages and the like.

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  1. No, there isn't. People generally ask 'is this okay to eat?' type questions on the General Chowhounding Topics board.

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    1. re: The Chowhound Team

      I am referring to a board for discussion on organic foods and some of the manufactured food issues that are quickly gaining the attention of the mainstream. Specifically, resources for some hard to find organic items, recommendations on brands, availability at some chain stores, It was announced last week that GMOs have been traced back to hundreds of infant formulas and baby food as well as hundreds of supplements and one of the most popular "organic brands," Horizon Milk. I am sure a lot of chowhounders would be able to contribute to a discussion on this topic.

      1. re: sandiasingh

        Organic, non-GMO, etc product recommendations would also be on topic for our General Topics board. It's not the sort of thing we'd create a specific board for.