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Dec 7, 2011 05:57 AM

Have a dish...but help me find the perfect sauce!

So I came across a recipe in a magazine last year and it turned out to be something I really love: chicken breast wrapped in sage and pancetta (with sage butter stuffed inside the breast). I sear the chicken then slowly finish in the oven. I usually serve it with garlic roasted new potatoes. My boyfriend and his parents loved it, but they were all like, "Where's the sauce?" And I kind of see their point, I've never been a huge sauce-on-protein person but in this dish a sauce would probably not hurt.

I was thinking something mild and not too heavy, like a white wine sauce. I googled this recipe to see if it is usually made with sauce but didn't find anything. Any ideas? I am a sauce novice so...butter or olive oil? Flour or no flour? Any thoughts would be very appreciated! I'll be making this dish at a dinner party next week and want to have a saucer to pass around with it for the sauce lovers.



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  1. My first reaction was something simple like, butter, a small amount of shallot, a berry and white wine……..but it all depends, I wouldn’t want to overpower the dish, but the saltiness of the pancetta might be we complimented with something sweet.

    But I could be completely wrong…………..

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      I'm going in your direction River19. Something a bit sweet and a bit acidic. A red wine-balsamic vinegar reduction would be good.

    2. I would probably go with a chicken broth,white wine, some drippings with sage and butter and shallots and black pepper, and then just reduce it rather than flour. I would not use a lot of wine because it can get overpowering when reduced.

      1. Maybe something like this lemon beurre blanc sauce...

        1. A pan sauce--remove the cooked meat to plate and cover. Add a little shallot mince and saute for a bit. Deglaze with white wine. Toss in a few chopped capers and a generous squirt of lemon juice plus any meat juices. Let reduce for a bit, then reduce heat to as low as you can get it and mount with (swirl/whisk in) lots of butter.

          1. I too say a white wine pan sauce with no flour. You've made a wonderful dish with subtle flavors, don't mess it up with a heavy sauce.