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Dec 7, 2011 05:48 AM

Best Italian

Looking for best Italian from Lake Worth to Boca. Looking for a place that does both red sauce and Northern dishes well.
Been to Tramontis on Atlantic Ave-3 of us thought it was just ok, the place was hopping, but the food was mediocre at best
Any recommendatins?

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  1. Haven't had dinner here yet but I only hear great things and they have a special Tuscan menu over and above the regular menu.
    It's in Boca.

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      We really like Valentino's in Ft .Lauderdale. We tried Saporissimo a while back and thought it was good, but Valentino's better and much closer.

    2. I like Casa D'Angelo in Boca. Don't let their on-line menu excite or disappoint. I can't recall ever ordering off their menu as the list of daily specials is nearly half as long. I go there fairly often, and have never been disappointed, nor have any guests we've taken with us.

      1. I have yet to find a really good Italian in S Fl that doesn't charge an arm or a leg for a plate of spaghetti that I couldn't have made at home for an nth of the price.

          1. You could always try one place that no one's recommended.

            It's getting a tremendous amount of buzz on the Internets. Check out the video at bottom...