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Dark and romantic - westside or Hollywood area

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looking for a dark and romantic type place with excellent food and great decor....this is for my wife's upcoming bday. Recommendations highly appreciated. Preferably at no more than $150 pp.

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  1. La Boheme is fun. Melisse is pricey although it is in Santa Monica -- but is great. Campanille is wonderful and is Charlie Chaplin's old studio. Hollywood Roosevelt is fun and campy and is nearby. I personally like Musso Franks.

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      I like Musso but would not consider it dark or romantic.

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        Actually booked Melisse already....but still open to other places.....been wanting to try this place for a while...I hear it's amazing....

        Would you say romantic though?

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          respectfully disagree with the Musso &Frank's recommendation.

        2. At some point you will probably want to figure out which is more important to you, the dark and romantic or the great food. For definitely on the romantic side of the ledger with good food you should consider Il Cielo and Pace in lower Laurel Canyon.

          2100 Laurel Canyon Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90046

          Il Cielo Italian Gardens
          9018 Burton Way, Beverly Hills, CA 90211

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            Good point. Definitely don't want to sacrifice too much on the food :)
            I checked out ii cielo....looks neat. What's up with the roof?

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              Their "patio" has a clear glass roof with little twinkly lights up above. It really is a beautiful place. When it comes to food out of all the places recommended to you here Melisse would be my number one choice and if you don't mind spending some time getting a 10 course tasting menu (plus amuses) would be the way to go.

          2. The Brentwood is certainly dark and romantic. The food is good and it has a great buzz. Vibrato at the top of the Glen is a good choice if you also like jazz.

            1. Where is La Poubelle? Have heard it's romantic...

              1. How about Piccolo in Venice (not Hostaria in SaMo)? I haven't been to The Little Door on 3rd Street, but I remember it beting dark and romantic and delicious.

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                  Just went to Piccolo Saturday night...cool place. Little Door is great. Looking for somewhere new though :)

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                    Do they still let them smoke on the patio at Little Door. That ruined it for us a while back.

                  2. Hi... Jar (West Hollywood) veers toward the dark end of the scale, but not terribly so, as it is the warm and photogenic lighting that seems to make the customers - even me - all look like celebs whose names/faces one cannot quite place. The last time I was there, I wore a kilt and black velvet smoking jacket, with hightop doc martens. In the glow of Jar's soft & kind lighting, I looked fashionably eccentric and ready for my close-up; if the space was lit less warmly, i would've simply looked like a desperate nutjob. Really, the lighting is generally that good, and if you will, romantic... What is less romantic is the noise level and close proximity of the tables/banquettes to your dining neighbors. But the sometimes-loud ambiance provides a good excuse to lean that much closer to your heart's desire across the table... Food's good-to-very good in my opinion. Marbled & medium-rare ribeye, and a side of duck fried rice are my go-to selections. Share the rich & exalted butterscotch pudding for dessert...

                    1. Michael's is romantic and sexy if you book a table in their patio area. Lush with plants/trees for privacy. And the food is very good, too.