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Dec 6, 2011 08:41 PM

Did Taqueria Tulcingo close down?

Does anyone know? I'm talking about the one on 83rd south of Roosevelt. I get take out there all the time and now it's closed??!?! I hope it's not closed permanently, it was my favorite taqueria in the neighborhood.

Taqueria Tulcingo
4010 83rd St, Queens, NY 11373

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  1. What time were you there?

    They close quite early 6 or 7pm if I remember correctly.

    I was there 2 weeks ago and business was fine.

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    1. re: micheal

      Whoa! Actually they were closed for a few days and now they've re-opened. They moved to the place next door (old Asturias restaurant I think?) and it looks fantastic. The vibe is much nicer with all of the new furniture and they even have a small bar in the back. The food is wonderful as always. It's my favorite taqueria in the neighborhood so I'm glad it didn't close down.
      Also they are now called "Taco Tulcingo".

      1. re: ethnotime

        What's your favorites there?

        I went there mainly to check out the fish tacos which I found kind of bland, the portion size small and I think $8-9 which is not great value.

        1. re: micheal

          Burritos are good. Chilaquiles. My wife likes the Quesadillas. I've never tried anything else. It's a little cheaper than Coatzingho and not as heavy (most dishes are grilled rather than deep fried). I've never had fish tacos but the tripe, chorizo, carne asada and others are great, really tasty.