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Dec 6, 2011 07:30 PM

Unique (and not just truffle) suggestions for good chocolate.

I know about Soma, Leonidas, Sitting Around Eating Bon Bons, Schmidt chocolates, Nauhaus, and The Chocolateria. Kakayo Chocolate company is out of business.

I'm looking for something I haven't tried that has combos of different creams, nuts, fruit, and of course truffles are also fine. I know there are tons of chocolate shops in Toronto but I've tried many (names escape me) that have just been meh.

I actually posted a question like this a couple years back but I'm having problems locating the post and was hoping for an update. Preferable also if they will deliver.

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  1. Have you tried Odile Chocolates on Dundas West in Toronto? Mostly truffles, but unique and tasty! My favs are the tequila/lime/chipotle and cognac/ginger. They also have fillings like wild mushroom and sake.

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        I actually started the post I was looking for. Maybe it was removed. I did look at this one and got a few ideas.

      2. There's a lady out of Burlington who makes truffles. They are really amazing and they are HUGE!! She calls herself The Little Truffle Maker, but she ships to Toronto.


        Her flavours aren't as interesting as Soma, but the flavour itself is excellent and its a great price (they're almost the size of golf balls!). PLus you're supporting an independent small business!

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          I tried to find a contact # number or email but it wasn't obvious. Ideas on contacting?

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            looks like she has a blog site and a website.
            try this: http://thelittletrufflemaker.bigcarte...

            contact info's on the bottom.

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              Site is very busy--I missed that part.

        2. Last time I was at About Cheese they had a Blue Cheese Truffle that was deelish! It was also the size of my fist so you really only needed one.

          1. have you tried Ambiance on Queen east of Broadview? I love these; they're handcrafted on site in small batches. The quality is excellent. I wouldn't say there are overly "unique" flavours, but everything they do is done very well. I especially like the salted caramel, lemon mint and the almond ginger.