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Dec 6, 2011 05:55 PM

Host gift to a potluck

My teammate threw a terrific party last week for her professional circle and I was one of the few teammies invited. This weekend is the official team holiday party which she's hosting. It's a potluck but would like to give her a little thank you...suguestions? Thanks!

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  1. kinda hard to offer suggestions without more information. what is her decorative style like? her food preferences? does she cook a lot? is her kitchen well-stocked? does she drink wine, beer or spirits? and what's your budget, or were you thinking about making something for her?

    tons of inspiration & ideas here:

    1. I've taken to keeping a few Penzey's gift cards on hand for various amounts--great for last minute hostess gifts like this. That way, they can pick & choose at their leisure for something truly delicious.

      1. Nothing edible, she may feel that she has to put it out for the guests to consume.

        Last potluck we went to (for daughter's BB team) I brought the hosts a bundle of paper towels and a box of garbage bags. This was much more appreciated than a little knicknack.

        I also helped clear and hauled trash out to the cans behind the garage.

        1. A nice bottle of wine might be welcome - wrap it nicely so she'll save it to enjoy at a later date.
          Or a floral arrangement (make sure it's already in a container or vase so she doesn't have to take time while hosting to deal with it)
          Does she celebrate Christmas? If she has a tree, you could give her an ornament - you might be able to find something related to your team's sport...
          Have fun!

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            Thanks for the tips! She has a self respecting kitchen/ outdoor grill. I don't know if we have a Penzey's in the SF Bay Area but will look. The team enjoys good beers and there's several teammies bringing beer/mulled wine/cider etc....So...I bought several Starbucks gift baskets from Costco that I plan on cannibalizing into other gifts. It contains a mug, peppermint simple syrup, cookies, two small bags of coffee and a small tote bag. I'm using everything but the mug as stock stuffers for my brother since he won't use it I can include the second mug in a second gift set for her and partner. Sound corny?

          2. In that it's a potluck, others may reasonably think that a gift is not appropriate, and may be embarrassed by your bringing a gift (which is indeed very kind and thoughtful). I'd be inclined to send flowers, a small gift, or even drop off a nice note and a plate of cookies or a box of chocolates the next day!