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Dec 6, 2011 05:55 PM


Is it advisable to buy tea in bulk (fresh or bagged)? If so, where should one look?
Thanks for some advice.

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  1. Here's a good place to start --
    If you will drink a lot, loose leaf is the tastiest. All teas lose some flavour and nuance after a while once exposed to air. What amount are you looking for in bulk?

    1. Check out Camellia Sinensis (link below). You can order teas from them online, or visit them in the Quartier Latin and the Jean Talon Market (check under the Contact Us link on their website for their tea house/retail locations).

      1. Has anybody here tried this type of tea? If so, how is it?

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          I like puer'h. It's very very earthy but a lovely tea for the afternoon. When I bought it, the sales rep who sold it to me said it's an acquired taste because of that earthniness, but it doesn't bother me.

        2. @daiya - thanks. I don't have specific quantities in mind but judging by the price of some teas at the Atwater Market, I want to find a more attractive alternative.
          @haggisboy - thanks for the referral. Will check C-S out.

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            What type of teas do you like? What do you usually drink? We typically buy tea in bulk because we can get more variety and higher quality at the specialized tea stores. The prices are comparable to, and in certain cases more expensive than those at Atwater Market. But, you can get nicer teas than what's at the market.

            If you are looking to cut your grocery bill by buying tea in bulk, I suggest heading over to Aubut (very close to Marché Atwater) since they have a small collection of regular and herbal teas (mostly boxes of tea bags) at competitive prices. A lot of the health food type stores and ethnic stores will also have some interesting tea selections for nice prices (for example Branche d'olivier here in Verdun). I would not be worried about buying tea in bulk if you are getting it from a reliable vendor. And, the nice thing about bulk tea is that you can smell it before buying so you don't need to buy anything unless you find the smell palatable.

            1. re: hala

              thanks hala. lately, i've been hooked on peppermint, and given the 3-4 cups I consume per day, i want to see what i can do to reduce some costs while maintain freshness. I'll have a google of "aubut". I'm far from a tea connoisseur but intend to explore a variety of flavours over the winter season. thanks again.

              1. re: iheartspicyfood

                I store my loose tea in a clamp lid jar equipped with a rubber gasket similar to the one at the link below. I find it helps prolong the life of the tea far better than a can or other packaging.


                1. re: iheartspicyfood

                  For peppermint, If you don't want to make it yourself, I am pretty sure Aubut has a couple of brands that carry it, and it's cheaper than other places. Aubut is just a couple of blocks from the Atwater Market. I am attaching a link for you.

                  As for exploring different flavors, you should consider going to a Camellia Sinensis tea tasting. These are really fun because they allow you to do try a whole bunch of things and narrow down what you like and what you don't like. I also love going to the small tea shops and just trying their teas by the cup. If you enjoy what you tried, you can buy more, and if not, you could go back another day and try something else. And by the way, they will all let you smell a few teas before you even buy a single cup.

                  If you tell us in what general area you will be looking for tea, maybe people will know good tea shops there.

                  Distribution Alimentaire Aubut
                  3975 rue Saint-Ambroise Montr, Montreal, QC , CA

                2. re: hala

                  My regular tea of choice is Lapsang Souchong which is a smoked tea. No you don't smoke it it is smoked before you buy it. Forty years ago it was readily available in supermarkets with Twining s being the main supplier. I have been looking for teabags here in Montreal but have been depending on trips to Chicago to pick up my supplies of Twining bags with loose tea being the substitute when I run out. For those that remember the Lapsong Souchong in the black box the current box is almost a maroon colour. Has anyone seen Lapsong Souchong in Montreal supermarket?

                  1. re: Moedelestrie

                    Pretty sure I've seen it at Vielle Europe on St-Laurent Blvd. They have a huge selection of Twinings. You could call before trekking there to be safe.

                    Épicerie La Vieille Europe
                    3855, Boul. Saint-Laurent
                    Montreal, QC H2W 1X9
                    (514) 842-5773

                    1. re: kpzoo

                      Thanks for the heads up I lived within walking distance when I was in Montreal. I will check it out next visit.

                    2. re: Moedelestrie

                      Cha Noir has a very nice Lapsang Souchong (loose leaf, not bags) and they serve it with mixed nuts.What a delicious pairing. mmmm.


             (The menu suggests salty or sweet nuts with this tea, but I have only tried the salty mix with it)

                      I did nit realize that twinings sold Lapsang Souchong. That's pretty cool.

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