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Dec 6, 2011 05:50 PM

Cornbread in downtown TO?

I am looking to buy (retail) some good cornbread, preferably east end downtown TO. Any recommendations?

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  1. If you don't find any good options, a backup spot for you is Whole Foods. It is pricey for what it is but I thought it was pretty decent. I got it at the Oakville store but I imagine they sell it at the other locations too. I haven't really seen prepared corn bread for sale at other bakeries/grocery stores before.

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      In case you are considering this, the Avenue Rd. Whole Foods generally sells both plain and jalapeƱo-studded cornbread. I agree that it is decent.

    2. Not cornbread, but the hush puppies at Southern Accent are fantastic.

      Also not cornbread but I love the corn muffins at Mmmmmufins.

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        ha, yah.. i just want to buy cornbread, not in a restaurant. but thank you for the tips, I will check them out at some point Im sure :)

      2. Are you looking for American Southern style corn bread? Or Portuguese corn bread?

        I can't recall ever seeing the former sold in a bakery here. You could contact Acadia or Harlem and see if they would sell you some of the theirs.

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          I was going to suggest Harlem as well. They have two locations downtown and their website says they do takeout, so perhaps you could call ahead, order a few cornbread sides and then pick them up. I personally like their cornbread, though I'm not exactly an expert on the topic.

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          1. I bought a great bacon cornbread (I think it was) from a vendor in the North St Lawrence Market one Saturday. I don't remember the name of the vendor (sorry), but their booth was on the left side of the rightmost aisle if you walk in the south door, at the first cross-aisle (if that made sense).

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              that sounds AMAZING. i will look into that one.