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Dec 6, 2011 05:34 PM

Excellent Dinner at Vedge

I had dinner tonight with my ex-husband at Vedge (1221 Locust Street / This is the new vegan restaurant opened by the owners of the former Horizons in Bella Vista. I had been a frequent diner at Horizons so I was eager to try the new place.

I should mention that I am a weekday vegetarian so yes, I do enjoy a good steak now and then. The food at Vedge did not disappoint. The menu consists of small plates with an accompanying "Dirt" menu that highlights seasonal vegetables. We split the following:

Grilled Brussels sprouts in a smoked mustard sauce (amazing - I could eat a bucket of these
)Honshimeji soup (a vegetable soup that had wonderful vibrant flavors)
Daikon winter rolls with lemon grass tofu & asparagus with a sriracha sauce (fresh flavors that really complemented each other)
Braciole with smoked eggplant & cauliflower - served with fresh garbanzos & salsa verde (beautiful to look at and savory)
Grilled seitan with black lentils and mushrooms ( a flavorful, hearty dish)

Cheesecake with figs
Seasonal Ice cream trio (hibiscus, egg nog, and blackberry cheesecake)
(Both choices were delicious and not too big to put you "over the top" after all of the above.)

All of that, plus 3 glasses of wine (lovely wine list) and a beer (Rochefort 8 Degree) = $122.

Service was also outstanding and the space (former Deux Chimenees) is beautiful. Elegant, yet casual and not pretentious.

I highly recommend trying Vedge - even if you are a carnivore. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

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  1. We loved Horizons and look forward to trying Vedge. I am surprised to see no further discussion on the Philadelphia Board. Has anyone else been to Vedge?

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    1. re: Karen K

      Yes, we were to Vedge a couple of weeks ago and we liked it very much. Wanted to take our visiting children and grandchildren there this week (one's a vegetarian) but they were all booked! We thought it was really excellent.

      1. Good news, thanks for the report. For a long time we have though the only game in town was,, well not quite in town, at Blue Sage. This will be next on our list of musts after or current reservations are fulfilled by months end. The menu appears to offer no phony meat dishes but creations which stand on their own and might please anyones tastes. We look forward to our visit. Thanks for the review it is very informative.

        1. We had the same experience last night. Really interesting food, good attentive service, great wine. We had the following:

          Mixed Black Olives fresh & dried chiles
          Crispy Cauliflower black vinegar, kimchee mayo from the "dirt list"
          Roasted Rutabaga Salad little leaves, charred onion, farro, pistachio
          Fresh Hearts Of Palm garbanzo crepe, curried gold lentils, green harissa
          Roasted Maitake creamy celery root, seared turnip, truffle, red wine
          Steak Spice Seared Tofu chanterelles, kabocha, madeira, walnut picada
          Sticky Toffee Pudding salted caramel, vanilla, bourbon ice cream

          Kate, the owner and wife of the chef suggested a Cabernet Franc blend which was delicious and complemented what we ordered. It was a fairly reasonable $45.

          1. I finally got around to trying Vedge recently and it's absolutely fantastic. I much prefer the menu to Horizons, and of course the space is a huge improvement over the Horizons space, much more refined but still very comfortable. It's easily one of the city's best restaurants. I liked Horizons a lot but they have really taken vegan dining to a whole new level here. I intend to return soon and often.

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            1. re: Buckethead

              Buckethead, thanks for the great report. Any dishes stand out? I am curious how much the menu is changing by the season/availability of produce. In some ways, I am expecting Vedge to change faster than restaurants that rely upon meat/fish for their mains.

              1. re: cwdonald

                We probably tasted about 10-12 dishes and I'd happily eat any of them again. This meal was a few weeks ago but one dish that really stands out was the maiatake mushroom and celery root fritter, after we finished it I seriously thought about ordering another one immediately. The radish dish was excellent, the radishes arrive looking like sashimi with tamari and other accoutrements. The sweet potato pate was memorable as well. And somehow the vegan cheesecake is even better than I remember from Horizons (which was pretty great).

                1. re: Buckethead

                  Thanks for the rely Buckethead. The maiatake mushroom dish sounds amazing.