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Dec 6, 2011 05:15 PM

Coming to Dallas This Weekend-Need Advice

Hi everyone.

Me and a few buddies are flying in to Dallas this Saturday for the Cowboy-Giants game. We have two days/nights to eat our way through the state.

Can you please recommend the "must go to " BBQ places and Tex Mex places? Ideally we would like to do a BBQ tour of several top places so please fire away/

Also is there a place that we can go before the game where we can pay to tailgate or a restaurant that is nearby (ie walking distance) that we can hang out in and then walk to the game?

Thanks in advance for suggestions and happy holidays to all!

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    These are recent Q recs.

    IMO nothing decent is walkable to Jerry World....

    1. Meshack's is good, but be early.

      We always park for free at Hooter's and ride the shuttle. I'd rather give my $40 to wings and beer than the parking attendant.

      1. Jerry J. wouldn't allow Dart to build a stadium stop so he could sell more parking fees. What a greedy pr1ck!

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          I guess this means there's a hole in the ozone layer named for him.

          +1 for Babe's. And while you're in Bishop Arts at Lockhart's, be sure to stop by Dude, Sweet Chocolate if you're a chocolate lover (which I certainly hope you are). The hot chocolate mix (packaged with housemade marshmallows) would be nice and easy to take home.

        2. Lincoln Square (retail/dining) in Arlington offers $10 shuttle with a $40 purchase at one or more merchants.
          Pre-game play/dining options - see DINE tab at left inset.
          sports bar options would be Boomerjacks and Sherlocks

          My personal suggestion would be drive to Arlington early and go to Babe's Chicken Dinner House for a late lunch, then go to Lincoln Square. Babe's is quite a unique experience with very good fried chicken - they do not serve alcohol - byob. If you're a guest from up-yonder, you owe yourself a visit to Babes!

          Meshacks BBQ Shack, as mentioned, is excellent, but be prepared to eat in the car, go to a park or some other location to enjoy some of the best Dallas has to offer. As the name implies, it is a (walk-up, order at the window) shack - do NOT be deterred.

          Make the drive to FW for Off the Bone or Cousin's BBQ (local chain, Bryant Irvin location


          Most local BBQ joints are closed on Sunday.

          Merry Christmas!!

          1. Lockhart Smokehouse is the best BBQ in Dallas right now (my opinion). The brisket and smoked prime rib (when it's available) really nail the Texas BBQ experience. It's in the Bishop Arts district in North Oak Cliff, an easy 20 minute or so drive down I-30 from Arlington, just before you get into downtown Dallas.

            For Tex-Mex, you will get lots of opinions. In Dallas, Mia's is great. But, for a more festive experience go to El Ranchito, also in Oak Cliff on Jefferson Ave. It's in an interesting building by a famous Dallas architect and the food is really good. Because it's in Oak Cliff, you get a lot of Mexican families there and they have mariachis strolling around every night. It's always a party.

            If you are interested in seeing pretty women, though, just go to the Mi Cocina in West Village. It's a happening crowd. The Taco Diner across the street is actually better, but the Mi Cocina crowd, for people watching purposes is good. The Mi Cocina food is unremarkable and overpriced, but it's not bad and you will have fun drinking margaritas (or their specialty Mambo Taxi) and watching girls in high heels. Plus, there are a couple of other bars a short walk away. Runner-up would be the Mattito's on Routh Streeet.

            There really are no special experiences around the stadium. It really was built on a suburban parking lot, surround by strip centers and Wal-Mart. But, if you get there early, do what the other poster said and park in Lincoln Village. There are several bars/restaurants there. Olenjack's being the best. But, there is also Boomerjacks and Sherlock's. You can eat and drink and then walk to the stadium. It's actually a pretty good deal because if you spend the $40, you can park for free (leave receipt on your dash). Parking aound the stadium is $20 ++++ anyway.