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Dec 6, 2011 04:48 PM

Nice dining without breaking the bank? YYC (Calgary)

Hi all!
So, I have a question for all you knowledgable chow hounders; where is a nice place (where semi-formal clothing is appropriate) with good food and a reasonable-ish prices? I'm planning a secret santa gift exchange dinner before the group decides to jet off to different countries after Christmas, so I was hoping to find some place with good food at a reasonable price and good atmosphere. I think the ladies want a reason to dress up a bit. Any suggestions? No real preferences or dislikes in the group or any allergies.
I appreciate your consideration!

P.S. We plan to this dinner Dec 16th of that matters. :)

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  1. I am terrible at dress codes. Semi-formal = cocktail dress? Really, I find Calgary to be pretty forgiving in terms of dress code. You can get away with denim/nice top or cocktail dress/heels at most places

    Also what do you consider reasonable-ish prices? I'd say under $30 entrees?

    My recs:
    Aida's - good food, good prices, not great for large numbers
    Vin Room - you could do charcuterie/cheese and tapas
    AKA Wine Bar - all entrees $25 and under
    Diner Deluxe - My fav. for good food at reasonable prices. Maybe not so much on semi-formal though

    Great places at a little higher price point:
    Notable - Plates $25 and up. Prime Rib Friday nights
    Big Fish
    Open Range

    Looks like I have chose places in the same area... I need to expand my horizons!

    Aida's Mediterranean Bistro
    2208 4 St SW, Calgary, AB T2S, CA

    Vin Room
    2310-4th St SW, Calgary, AB T2S 1X2, CA

    Open Range Steaks Chops
    1114 Edmonton Trail NE, Calgary, AB T2E 3K4, CA

    Big Fish
    1112 Edmonton Trail NE, Calgary, AB T2E 3K4, CA

    4611 Bowness Rd NW, Calgary, AB T3B 0B2, CA

    1. For something different, I'd recommend The Casbah on 11th Ave SW (Morroccan food). The restaurant is nicely decorated, private and quiet. The food is amazing and the service was great both times I've visited. They offer "feasts" that are reasonably priced (less than $50 each, I believe) so you get a sample of everything. Super fun evening.

      Oh and I agree with the Notable recommendation above but make sure you have a reservation!

      1. Just had a fantastic meal up at De Villa in Sirocco. For $55 in December you can have a 4 course tasting menu that was exccellent. Included choices of steak, lobster, duck, lamb, seafood, etc.

        Might be worth seeing if they can accomodate you all.

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          Just wanted to interject... the restaurant is called Le Villa. Never been, might have to try it!

          1. re: a_s_mackay

            Oops thanks for the correction. Definately give it a try it was great food and good value... Can't lose!