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Dec 6, 2011 04:23 PM

Beretta--Mission District [San Francisco]


I was perfectly content to visit Delfina again but a friend of mine who lives in the area suggests Beretta. After viewing the online menu, please tell me there is something besides pizza to get me excited. Looks like a limited menu, unless I am missing something. Do they have great salad and bread, as they do at Delfina?...if I wanted to try something Italian besides Delfina or Beretta in the area are there places you can recommend OR will this be a good choice. Thanks

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  1. Delfina vs. Beretta = no comparison.

    Beretta isn't bad. It's just that there's nothing about it that would dissuade me from going to Delfina--assuming those are the only choices.

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      1. Yes, I know Beretta has been around for a while. Three recent visits prompted this post from me.

        Their cocktails have always been outstanding and I especially love their 'Improved whiskey cocktail'. A potent and heady combination of rye and absinthe.

        I suspect the asparagus is steamed and then lightly pan-fried - it is divine.

        The brocollini with the garlic, peppers and anchovies is also a masterstroke. The meatballs are also pretty awesome here and a really formidable size and come with a sauce which to me seems to have San Marzano tomatoes.

        Finally the pizzas are outlandishly good - some of the best in the city. Also they are not offended if you order one to-go.

        And top all of this off with great service. Really smooth and professional and well-timed.

        All in all - a fantastic place that continues to impress.

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          dammit osho, you're making me want to give them another chance - i have been twice and absolutely hated their pizzas.

          i did like everything else we had, though... but i still don't like the scene-iness.

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            Well - YMMV with pizza - too many factors ...but I assure you the small plates are absolutely brilliant - I have eaten every single one of their apps and they are amazing.

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              no i agree on the apps - loved all of them.

      2. the items on Beretta's menu that are NOT pizza are actually very tasty - i was pleasantly surprised, as I recently went after not having been in years. on that first trip, i only had their pizza. their pizza is nowhere near as good as Delfina's. For me, their pizza is not just not as good as Delfina's (or Gialina's or Pizzaiolo's or La Ciccia's or Tony''s, or even Flour & Water's [which i didn't love]) - it's not good at all. While the other items at Beretta were good, the place is a huge scene and incredibly noisy if you sit inside. There's no reason to trade down from Delfina to Beretta's, in my mind.

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          Thanks everyone....the night before I will be in Palo Alto and looks like I will have to choose between Chef Chu's (Chinese) and Tamrine (Vietnamese).

          1. re: El Chevere

            Chef Chu's and Tamerine? 20 years I've been in the bay area, I'm scared of Chef Chu's.
            Tamerine in a heartbeat.

        2. Beretta is one of our places in SF for a nice midnight cocktail and a few snacks. The cocktails are very good, the food is decent to good depending on what you pick.